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At JAZMIN we are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions for telecommunications in a business context.
Our solutions take advantage of low cost high bandwidth internet connections. This reduces telecommunication costs by using well designed hardware and software.

Our packages interface seamlessly with an existing PABX. This allows call management in a cost effective manner.

Our solution can be installed as a high end stand alone PABX system.

We will install, manage and monitor the system.
JAZMIN Business Solution:

Central to JAZMIN Communications  is the use of the popular Fritz!box. This
advanced VOIP system is configured for your business, clinic, practice, or home.  This is installed by registered technicians quickly and easily with minimal impact on existing telephone activity.

In no time at all you will be enjoying a 30 to 50%  saving in your call costs.

  • Reduction in calls from 25 cents over a fixed telephone line to 13 cents
  • Reduction in mobile phone calls to 22 cents per minute
  • Extra incoming and outgoing telephone lines at NO extra cost
  • Free calls to other JAZMIN users