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Acceptable Use Policy
This document lists rules that govern your use of our VOIP – voice over internet phone
calls – and other services as stated in your Subscriber Registration.
1. Definitions
The following capitalised terms have describtions set out in our Standard Form of
Agreement (SFOA) as well as below.
Registration The Subscriber Registration you complete for services we provide
to you.
Internet The world wide connection of computer networks used to transmit
voice communication.
Our Network Infrastructure used and maintained by us to provide services to
you. Our Network does not include the computer networks that
make up the Internet.
ISP Internet Service Provider – the provider of your broadband internet
Policy This Acceptable Use Policy that exists on our website at: Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
Service(s) Service(s) we agreed to supply to you as stated in your Registration.
SFOA Standard Form of Agreement
VOIP Voice Over Internet Phone calls
we, our or us Jazmin Communications Pty Ltd
you or your The service subscriber
2. Applying this Policy
This Policy applies to all customers who subscribe to a Service from us. Your obligation to
comply with this Policy includes ensuring any person who uses your Service also complies
with this Policy. This is whether you have given authority or not.
Your failure to comply with this Policy (including by any person who you authorise or
otherwise permit to use your Service) may lead to the restriction, suspension or
cancellation of your service.
3. Communicating with Jazmin Staff
You will not bully, abuse, harass, intimidate, threaten or engage in offensive behaviour
towards Jazmin staff. Our staff reserves the right to terminate any phone call with you,
and/or refuse to serve you, if you engage in such behaviour. We reserve the right to
terminate your Service if you engage in such behaviour.
4. Responsible Usage
(a) You, or anyone connecting to your Service, must use your Service responsibly
and in accordance with the law. If you engage in any conduct, which could
result in injury or damage to any person or property (including our network,
systems and equipment), access to your Internet Service may be restricted,
suspended or terminated without prior notice.
(b) You must not use or attempt to use your Service to store, send, distribute or
otherwise make available any content or material which:
(i) defames, harasses, threatens, abuses, menaces, offends or incites violence or
hatred against any person or class of persons whether on grounds of gender,
race, religion or otherwise;
(ii) is prohibited or unlawful under any Commonwealth, State or Territory law or
classification system, or which is likely to be offensive or obscene to a
reasonable person;
(iii) is confidential, subject to copyright or any other rights of a third party (unless
you have a lawful right to do so); or
(iv) is otherwise illegal, fraudulent or likely to give rise to civil or criminal
(c) You must not authorise, aid, abet, encourage or incite any other person to do
or attempt to do any of the acts or engage in any of the prohibited conduct
described above.
5. Excessive Use
(a) Your ability to use your VOIP Service will depend on the broadband speed and
data download limits that you agreed to with your Internet Service Provider
(ISP). You should know these limits.
(b) Excessive use of your broadband for VOIP as well as other Internet use could
lead to your ISP reducing your bandwidth if you exceed your limits. This in turn
could prevent you making VOIP calls. Should this happen, the fault is not with
Jazmin Communications, and you are advised to contact your ISP to procure
more bandwidth and download capacity.
6. Security
You are responsible for:
(a) maintaining the security of your Service, including protecting your account details,
user names and passwords against any unauthorised use by a third party;
(b) all charges incurred by other persons who use your Service, whether authorised
by you or not, including anyone to whom you have disclosed your password
and account details.
7. Access
(a) You are responsible for determining whom you choose to access your Service.
(b) It is your responsibility to prevent access to offensive or obscene content by
children or minors you authorise or permit to use your Service.
8. Communicating wth Others
(a) You must not use, attempt to use, or permit to be used your Service to make
inappropriate contact with children or minors.
(b) You are responsible for any content you send or distribute (or permit to be sent
or distributed) to other Internet users using your Service. You must not use
such services to send or distribute any content which is prohibited, deemed
obscene or offensive or otherwise unlawful under any applicable
Commonwealth, State or Territory law, including to send or distribute classes of
restricted content to children or minors if that is prohibited or an offence under
such laws.
(c) Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to an immediate
suspension or termination of your Service without notice.
9. Complying With Regulatory Authorities
(a) You must not hinder or prevent us from taking steps necessary to comply with
any direction from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
or any law enforcement agency. According to law, we must comply with
directions of these authorities that maybe without notice to you.
(b) You acknowledge that we reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate
your Service if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that you are
engaging in illegal conduct or where use of your Service is subject to any
investigation by law enforcement agencies or regulatory authorities.
10. Complaints
(a) If you have any questions or problems requiring a resolution first contact us at or by calling 1300 529 646.
(b) If you perceive Jazmin Communications Pty Ltd has not solved your problem,
contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman at website:
The TIO’s role is to help resolve the complaints from consumers who have not
from received sufficient service from their telephone or internet company.
(c) If your problem is still unresolved, forward a complaint to the
Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Online content complaints
website at:
11. Changes
We may vary this Policy by posting a revised Policy on our website at: Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
We may also advise you of Policy changes by email to an email address notified by you or
otherwise as described in our SFOA. The continued use of your Service after posting an
advice of a policy change will be deemed as an acceptance of this change.
12. Breach of Acceptable Use Policy
We reserve the right to terminate your Service for breach of any term of this Acceptable
Use Policy. You will also be liable for costs associated with the termination of your service
in the event of a breach.